Chrionic Algorithm YespowerLTNCG

Crionic coin use YespowerLTNCG. It stands for "Yespower Light NCG (Nested Compressing Graph)" and is derived from the original Yespower algorithm. The "LT" in YespowerLTNCG stands for "Light" and refers to its lighter resource requirements compared to the original Yespower algorithm.

YespowerLTNCG aims to achieve a balance between efficiency and fairness in cryptocurrency mining. It encourages widespread participation and helps prevent centralization of mining power in the hands of a few entities. By utilizing memory-intensive computations, it ensures that miners with access to large amounts of memory do not have an unfair advantage over others.

Memory-hard algorithms, such as YespowerLTNCG, are designed to require a significant amount of memory to perform the mining calculations. This is intended to make the mining process more accessible to a wider range of participants, as specialized mining hardware (ASICs) typically have limited memory capacities and may not have a significant advantage over regular consumer hardware like CPUs and GPUs.

In summary, Crionic hash algo is designed to change the difficulty every block, lower the difficulty during long stale tips, and adjust the difficulty within the current block if necessary. These measures protect Crionic from high hash rate variations and attacks, which often pose risks to new coins by creating mining difficulties that exceed the network's normal hash rate.

Crionic, powered by the YespowerLTNCG algorithm, boasts a remarkable track record of stability and reliability. With over 125,000 blocks processed flawlessly, the algorithm has proven its ability to maintain a robust and secure blockchain. Notably, Crionic benefits from the algorithm's swift block generation, with a rapid interval of approximately 20 seconds. This ensures efficient transaction processing and enhances the network's overall responsiveness. Furthermore, YespowerLTNCG protects Crionic from high hash variations and potential "high hash attacks" frequently experienced by new coins, as it dynamically adjusts the difficulty every block, even in the current block if necessary. This feature safeguards the network from mining difficulty becoming excessively high relative to the normal network hash rate, ensuring a stable and sustainable mining environment for Crionic.
Blockchain Information
Mainnet Launch Year : 2023
Consensus : POW
Algorithm : YespowerLTNCG
Theoretical TPS : 100
Block Interval : 20 Seconds
Crosschain : Supported
Decimals : 9

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